5 More Communication Habits to Maximize Chances of Getting What You Want Faster

Here are 5 Communication Habits to Maximize Your Chances of Getting What You Want Faster

  1. If you have a decision you want to document to avoid any misunderstandings, send an email explaining the decision.

2. If you have lots of details for people to sift through, send a file for them to review on their own time.
(Plus schedule a follow-up meeting, if needed).

3. If you have a topic that’s complicated, controversial or requires discussion, schedule a call or meeting.

4. If you have a meeting to schedule, send a calendar invite clearly stating the date, time and meeting method.

5. If you have a decision that requires multiple people’s approval, consult people individually.

From the article 10 highly effective communication habits to get what you want faster: Harvard work expert by @GorickNg via @CNBCMakeIt

Gorick Ng is the author of The Unspoken Rules, a Wall Street Journal bestseller

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