Practical BUSINESS PLAN Writing Workshop


Conducted By: Nilooka Dissanayake, ACMA, MBA (Strathclyde)

Please visit this page for more information about the trainer.


The objectives of the Practical Business Plan Writing Workshop are:

  • To help aspiring entrepreneurs who are dreaming of starting a business pick a feasible business idea for their new business and create a business plan to make their dream a reality.
  • To help Small Business Owners create a Business Plan that serves as the blueprint for an expansion project or foundation for developing their existing business.


Eight weeks (15 hours), conducted online in 1:30 hr sessions over weekend evenings/afternoons.

Potential Start Date

5 September 2020.

Medium and Platform

Conducted mainly in English, on an online platform such as Gotomeeting.


Over the course of 8 weeks (15 hours) of the Practical Business Plan Writing Workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Know what qualities you need for business success
  • How to Create a Business Canvas for your business idea
  • Finding out “How Bright is Your Business Idea?”
  • Select the best from among several business ideas
  • Learn the basic components of a business plan and how to write one
  • Understanding your market, market size and market segmentation
  • Understanding your potential customers and their needs
  • Finding how best you  can offer value to your customers
  • How to write a marketing plan
  • How to write a management plan
  • How to write an operational plan
  • How much money do you need to begin the business?
    • Understanding Cost structures
    • How to calculate your startup costs
    • Estimate your starting capital
    • Estimating your working capital
  • Understanding Revenue streams
  • Understanding projections, budgets, cashflows and break-even analysis
  • Learn how to improve the business feasibility of a project
  • Learn how to create your draft business plan
  • And have it reviewed by a finance professional.


  • Modular. The workshop will be conducted in modular sessions, at the end of which the participant would have had the opportunity to draft all key sections of their business plan.
  • Interactive. The participants get to learn not just from the trainer, and by working alone, but also by working with others in small teams to ensure they produce the most viable and presentable of business plans.
  • Engaging. The interactive nature of the workshop will enable both the strong and the week to reach their goals at the end. There will not be any opportunities for disengagement. You will be busy working and thinking throughout this course.
  • Note from the trainer:
    This Practical Business Plan Writing Course is not a class or a regular certificate course. Sure, you will get a certificate of completion at the end, to go together with your Business Plan. But the Practical Business Plan Writing Course is a workshop where you learn to do most of the serious work involved in creating your own business plan, by yourself and with a team. If you are not willing to do your part to complete coursework on a weekly basis, you should not join this course.”

The Practical Business Plan Writing Course is a workshop where you learn to do most of the serious work involved in creating your own business plan.

The Output

At the end of the Practical Business Plan Wring Course, if you are willing to put in the work it takes (and it takes a lot of work, have no doubts), you can walk away with a business plan you can take to the bank for a loan facility.

Even if you don’t need a loan, you would have a very clear idea as to what it takes to begin a new business or an expansion project for an existing business and to ensure it is financially viable.

Course Fees

Payable in three installments:

  • Rs. 4000 on registration (by 4 September 2020)
  • Rs. 4,000 by week five (by 2 October 2020)
  • Rs. 7,000 – Optional. Only payable if you want your business plan reviewed by a professional, with two one-on-one sessions.

Please contact the trainer for payment information and other details via


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