Why Don’t People Love Sumanapala?


So who is Sumane?

@Sumanebot, also known as Sumanapala BOT on Twitter is one of my Super heroes. Can’t you see the red Su in his breastplate? Just like SuperMan.

So why do I love him/it?

I love him because he retweets everything that goes with the #lka hashtag.
You want him to spread your news? Use the hashtag #lka.

As for why not enough people follow him?

May be they think love is reserved for humans. Not BOTS. May be.

Still, I am puzzled. Sumane, you deserve all the love you can get.
So this is my little contribution to make you more loved and wanted and popular.

Consider it my good deed for the day. For Twitterverse, to all #lka Tweeters and of course @Sumanebot.

Do me a favour?

@Sumanebot, if you know other #lka and #SriLanka bots, please introduce them to me.
I love bots. But you will always be my favourite.

I promise.

Signed on behalf of his fan club:

@TheHappyRajSaga >> MeditatingIntoHappiness Blog>> MeditatingInto Happiness on Facebook 

@MindcultureGuru >> Mindculture.wordpress.com >> Mindculture For Kids and Adults on Facebook

@NVEDissanayake  and @TrainerSriLanka
>> On LinkedIn
>> Business Trainer Sri Lanka Blog
>> Business Trainer Sri Lanka on Facebook

@SMMWriter >> Social Media Marketing Success – Strategy & Content on Facebook

@SriLankaBook >> Sri Lanka Book Chapters Blog

@Diyunuwa >> Diyunuwa Blog

>> Diyunuwa YouTube Channel on Facebook
>> Diyunuwa Success Group on Facebook
>> Diyunuwa YouTube Channel





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