Cleanliness – Not Just the Body

Photo by Vitória Santos from Pexels

Cleanliness is a great thing. Everyone takes care of their personal cleanliness. That is why we brush our teeth and wash our face in the morning. That is why we take a bath or a body wash.

But our enthusiasm for cleanliness ends with that of our body.

Some people believe they are clean at birth. That is a myth. No one comes to this world clean. In fact, how many come to this world without being soiled by blood and other things? In that sense, we are all unclean.

The other thing is the uncleanliness of mind. If our minds are unclean, a beautiful body is of no use. We also come into this world with some unclean elements in our minds. The mind can be purified with good thoughts. So our duty is to keep both our minds and bodies clean.

Translated by Nilooka Dissanayake, Adapted from the Sinhala publication, සිතිවිලි: සිතන්නට නව මාවතක්, by Ven. Thalalle Chandakiththi.

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