Niroshan Gunatilaka, An Edupreneur Taking Sri Lankan Education Online: New Corona Curfew Diaries

I know Niroshan Gunatilaka only through LinkedIn.

When I invited him to take part in my New Corona Curfew Diaries interviews on 25 March 2020, he agreed.

But his responses came only on the 30th of March with an apology about the delayed reply due to a busy schedule. “We launched a new course in “Goal setting to Success”.

Now, this piqued my interest. So I checked out his Flexlearn website and looked at the various courses, including the latest on Goal setting.


Has COVID-19 changed the way you look at life? How?

Yes. “Nature” is the Ruler in this world, no argument. It will decide how this world should be. So, we must think more about conserving nature. If not, it will teach us lessons which we are unable to bear up.

Has COVID-19 changed the way you work? How?

Yes, about 50 per cent. I’m in the training and development industry. My corporate training sessions have come to a complete stop due to curfew. But elearning segment continues as it is, and is expanding.

Has the way people who work with you/under you changed? How?

Anyway my team mainly works online as remote workers. Only a few trainers were affected by the shutdowns. Currently they have also moved online. They are training especially for their own career development.

A lot of people have extra time on their hands. What do you do with the extra time you have?

I take this opportunity for self development and for engaging more with my family.

If you were 18 and out of school right now what would you do while waiting at home?

I would be reading books and watching documentaries.

If you were 25, employed but at home these days, what would you do?

I would work online, follow some online courses for career development and engage with family.

Look back at your life. Do you have regrets of what you did or did not (career and education wise) when you were 18 or 25? What are they? What would you do differently?

There is nothing to regret. All my past is made of my own decisions. I’m happy with my achievements so far.

What advice do you give to job seekers today who want to find success?

  • Develop your soft skills through your area of technical expertise area.
  • Keep a strong plan on your future.
  • Have clear goals.
  • Stick to your plan. Don’t rely on a plan “B”.

What advice do you give to a person who gets their first job about success?

  • Only accept your appointment after clarifying all doubts on your job scope.
  • Think and work as an entrepreneur.
  • Think of the job as a good opportunity to gain experience and develop yourself.

Can you recommend some good books/blogs/sites that you feel would be useful to our viewers?

What do you read on a daily/weekly basis?

I read articles related to self development, current affairs and business reviews.

How do you work on personal development (physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, technical)?

I engage in physical training, reading and spend more time with family.

What do you think about the COVID-19 related lockdowns? What do you want to tell our readers about it?

  • In our life, there will be ups and downs.
  • Change is the one and only thing which is never changing.
  • COVID-19 crisis will change and be eradicated by the health sector, using technology, as per the above law.
  • Do good things and be motivated to sail in rough waters.

What is your advice to small businesses and entrepreneurs?

  • Everything will change.
  • Be motivated.
  • Ensure you’re going in the right direction.
  • Ensure that you are doing business ethically.

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